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APPINarchived: A sounvenir book containing a special collection of articles, some new and some previously published.  Contents inlcude: A History of Castle Stalker; The Jubilee Bridge; The Dawn of West Highland Tourism;  Four Thousand Years of Life at Clachan; John Dewar's Appin; Temporal Change in the Serpulid Reefs of Loch Creran; A Celtic Stone Head from Port Appin; Achnacone House.  64 pages, full colour throughout, the perfect gift!  £10 per copy + P/P



Archive No. 55 2023. Contents include John McIntyre (1811 -18970, A Lismore Crofter and Entreprenuer; The Book that Led to the Appin Murder; Who was the Red Fox; Robert the Bruce's Heart; Druimavuic.

Archive No. 54 2022. Contents include The Battle of Ledrianach; Temporal Change in the Serpulid Reefs of Loch Creran; Conifer Woodlands and their effect on Appin and District Wildlife; The First 'Great Hunger March' 1922; Further notes on the Appin Murder; The Invasion of Appin by Landhoppers.

Archive No. 53 2022.  Contents include Extension to Annat Cemetery; From Mannheim to Appin - a Journey of        37 years; History of Linnheview, Port Appin; Echoes of Appin; The First Case of Road Rage in Argyll.

Archive No. 52 2021. Contents include General Colin Macaulay; My Ancestors in Appin (Dugald MacInnes); In Search of James of the Glen; 1984 in Appin - a Personal Recollection; St John's Cross, Iona; Appin Murder.

Archive No. 51 2021.  Contents include Tom Johnston, a Scottish Goliath; Two Lismore Bards (Captain James MacDonald and Captain Lachie MacDonald); The Birth and Rise of the Temperance Movement; Encounter with a Nationalist (Wendy Wood); Paraleptastacus Moorei; Tobar na Reil.

Archive No. 50 2020. Celebrating Appin Historical Society's 25 years. Contents include Overview of Appin's History; A Lismore Bard; Sea Eagles in Appin; The Trysting Tree; Connel Bridge; Foundation of the NHS; Poem: Everything is going to be Alright; Images from 25 Years of Appin Historical Society.

Archive No. 49 2020.  Contents include Electricity and Tilley Lamps; The Wireless; Glen Duror Farm; The Declaration of Arbroath 700th Anniversary; Seal Maiden Folk Tales from the Hebrides; Freedom Come all Ye; This is the Time to be Slow.

Archive No. 48 2019.  Contents include Dougald Carmichael (1772-1872) Explorer and Naturalist; Alight here for Appin; The Pipe Organ in Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Appin; More News from a Century Ago; Hamish Henderson (1919-2002); Druimneil House, Appin.

Archive No. 47 2019.  Contents include The Iolaire Disaster; The Dawn of West Highland Tourism; National News 1919; Douggie Brown; This Flagrant Instance, an Appin Scandal; Snippets - Last Hanging for Horse Theft in Scotland and a Gaelic Proverb.

Archive No. 46 2018.   Contents include Reporting the Great War 1914-1918; National News 1914-1918; The Spanish Flu and the 'Doctors' Bag' in 1918; Sister Mary Drummond; Neil Thomson; The Great Tapestry of Scotland; CRM in Walberswick.

Archive No. 45 2018.   Contents include Lady Sybil 'Chibi' Stewart; The Stone of Destiny; Myth, Tradition and Stories of Beinn Churalain; The Italian Chapel in Orkney; Dalnashean House; Poem by Sorley Maclean.

Archive No. 44 2018.  Contents include McColl Visit 2017; Community Archaelogy on Lismore; Myths and Legends; My McColls in Appin; Johnny GlenDubh.

Archive No. 43 2017  Contents include Ted & Elizabeth Olding, Artists; Monty Python at Castle Stalker; Tales of the Old Inn, Portnacroish; Lismore Graveslabs Project; Wordsworth's Tour in Scotland 1803; Newspaper Article: The Highland Nationalist; John MacCorquodale: An Appreciation; Scotland's Rock Art Project.

Archive No. 42 2016  Contents include Heloise Russell-Fergusson; Gunn's Garage; St Columbia and Coire Salachain; Appin Golf Club; Lord Cockburn's Visit to the Parish of Appin; Obituary: Christine Martin King; Eighteenth Century Life on Collonsay; The Summer of '89.


Archive No. 41 2015  Contents include Highland Hospitality; A Serpent Indeed; Bertrand Stewart; Col. Robertson's Well; Sale of Ardsheal; Colquhoun's Leap; The Bulloughs of Fasnacloich.


Archive No. 40 2015  Contents include Barcaldine Snippets; Allan 'Breck' Stewart; John MacColl - Poet; Fioran Grass; Cold and Hungry and The Red Book of Appin; The Local Connection; Fosterage; The Battle of Stalc. 

Archive No. 39 2014  Contents include The Travels of the Appin Banner; Work and Wages 120 Years Ago; Field Trip to Ben Churalain; Missionaries Come to Appin; A New Year Ceilidh; The Creran Fishings; Robert Stewart of Appin; The Jubilee Bridge; Appin Hospitality; Stewarts March; Landing on Cuil Bay.

Archive No. 38 2014  Contents include James of the Glen; The Tax Man Cometh; The First Steamer to Port Appin; Who Fought Rob Roy?; Holiday at Fasnacloich.

Archive No. 37 2013  Contents include Keil Church and Churchyard; Peter's Memoirs; Ben Churalain; St Churalain's Chapel; A Stone Head from Port Appin; 

Archive No. 36 2013  Contents include The Fair Trading Bottles; Ferries and Ferry Houses; The Act Against the Wearing of the Tartan; Ardsheal's Escape; The Last "Challenge" in Appin.

Archive No. 35 2012  Contents include Home Remedies; The Dewar Report; The Barcaldine Solution; The Barrell Organ; To Australia on the Geelong; Early Descriptions of Appin.

Archive No. 34 2012  Contents include Dr Lachlan Grant of Ballachulish; Allan Breac Stewart; How the Campbells Came to Airds; Sir Lance Errington, an Appreciation; Stewart of Appin's Regiment; The Kintalen Changeling; The Spell of the Fox.

Archive No. 33 2011  Contents include Kinlochleven PoW Camp; Colin Campbell of Glenure; The Little Lady of Ballachulish; A Proposal; Passing Through Appin; A Minister's Problems.

Archive No. 32 2011  Contents include An Armorial Mystery; Alastair Beg Stewart; Sojourners to a New World; A Letter to Castle Stalker; Appin's New Age Travellers; Appin in 1758.

Archive No. 31 November 2010. The Glaistig in Appin; The Carmichael Watson Project; Donald MacColl and Alexander Camichael; A Campbell in Appin; Sale Particulars - Ardsheal Estate; Agriculture and Industry in 1841; Ardsheal the Merchant.

Archive No. 30 May 2010. Contents include History of St Adamnan's; Beside Loch Creran; A Missed Opportunity; A Jaobite Court in Exile; A Circular Tour; Off to America, by Jupiter; Ghostly Invercreran; The Grameid; The Appin Gaelic Interest Group.

Archive No. 29 November 2009. Contents include History of Cuil; The Drink Talking!; Bishop Forbes' Visit in 1770; Crossing Connel Bridge; Intelligence from Appin: Episcopacy in Appin 136; The Station Hotel; Appin.

Archive No. 28 May 2009. Contents include Gillespie MacCombie; Statistical Account, 25 Years of Co-operation.

Archive No. 27 November 2008. Contents include An Auld Alliance; Where Duror Lies; Sixty Years of our National Health Service; Kerfuffle in the Kirk; Poverty in 1864; A Bargain!; Connel to Ballachulish in 1801; Allan Steward's Bond; You Can't Take it With You.

Archive No. 26 May 2008. Contents include John Gregorson Campbell; French Visitors; New Parish; Annual General Meeting; Life in Argyll; Agriculture in 1793; Draft Programme for 2008-9.

Archive No. 25 November 2007. Contents include Forfeited Estates Papers; Ferry Fares Down!; Ardsheal's Adventures in Holland; The Appin Road; Medicine in Appin; Show House; A Journey up Loch Linnhe; Ballachulish to Creagan.

Archive No. 24 May 2007. Contents include St Finan's Isle; Lime in the Landscape; David Livingstone; The Quern; Forfeited Estates Papers; Grsavestone Inscriptions; Appin and Glencoe.

Archive No. 23 November 2006. Ragnvald's Stone; Appin's Nutwoods; Changed Days; Connel Ferry and Ballachulish Railway; The Appin Murder. An 'On the Spot' Report'; Airds Estate. For Sale in 1840.

Newsletter No. 22 May 2006. Appin, a Place of Boyhood Memories; Clachandou;The Wishing Well at Creagan; Explore Appin & Lismore.

Newsletter No. 21 November 2005. Donald of the Hammers; Sorcery in Appin; Bracken on Shuna; Episcopalian in Appin; The Episcopal Church in Appin; The Church of the Holy Cross, Portnacroish.

Newsletter No. 20 May 2005. Appin Postal Problems; No Easy Way to Appin; Colin Campbell's Clothes; Appin's Lost Prehistoric Chambered Tomb; A Useful Website; MacIan's Revenge; Ancient Animosity; Stramash off Shuna.

Newsletter No. 19 2004. Contents include Tales of the Stewarts; One Good Turn; The Case of Hamilton's Ear; The Ballachulish Line; Loch Linnhe Visit; Duncan Stewart and MacLean of Duart; The Abbreviated Version; Donald of the Hammers.

Newsletter No. 18 2004. Contents include Donald W B Carmichael - Obituary; The Portnacroish Rock Gong; The Case of the Brace and Bit; Duncan MacColl and Prince Charles's Year; Lochan-na-fala or The Bloody Lake; The Scattered Seeds of Appin; Another Song on Culloden Day; Temperance Societies; Stewart of Appin Sleeps; The Red Book of Appin; The Grand-daughter's Tale.

Newsletter No. 17 2003. Contents include Jack Skea, an Appreciation; Pier Pressure; Chair Person Down Under; The Shian Road; Some Notes by A Donald MacKenzie; Old Burial Ground and Well - some answers.

Newsletter No. 16 2004. Contents include Charles Stewart of Ardsheal?; Report from Glen Creran - 1866; A Journey through Appin; The Ben Vehir Dragons; Old Burial Ground and Well; Kinlochlaich for Sale; The Laird of Appin; Members Events; Tracing Roots.

Newsletter No. 15 2002. Contents include A New Light on Recycling; An Act of Parliament re Castle Stalker; Appin News - 1860s Style; K W Grant; Morag of Arrivain; The Camerons of Callart; MacColl Society Bookplate; A Glimpse of Glasgow.

Newsletter No. 14 2002. Contents include The Origins of the McColls of Glasdrum; Jane Stewart of Fasnacloich; Tales of Airds; The Bardic Tradition; Obituary - Dugald W MacColl.

Newsletter No. 13 2001. Contents include Lighthouse Preservation Project; Campbell Poseurs and Cold Blooded Killers; Ardsheal and St Adamnan's, Duror; An Appin View of the Appin Murder.

Newsletter No. 12 2001. Contents include Holidays in Appin Mid-19th Century; The Mysterious Death of Alex. Stewart of Glenbuckie; Around loch Leven; A Coll/Appin Connection; Keep your Eyes Open;An Emigrant Poem.

Newsletter No. 11 2000. Contents include In Search of the Stewarts of Appin; Obituary - Michael Starforth; The Mysterious Death of Alexander Stewart of Glenbuckie Part 1; An Intelligence Report on Appin in 1746; Going to Church in Appin; MacCorquodale; The Will of Henry Benedict Stuart; Archibald Knox.

Newsletter No. 10 2000. Contents include Astray in Appin; Memories of Ballachulish; Chambered Cairn of Portnacroish; Tynribbie Smithy; The Lady of Lawers; Obituary - Mary MacArthur; The MacFie Family of Appin; Midsummer Millennium Celebrations.

Newsletter No. 9 1999. Contents include A Highland Honeymoon; Appin 200 years ago; Notes on Shuna; Appin; Airds House, Australia; Gone but not Forgotten; Police Reports 1900.

Newsletter No. 8 1999. Contents include Making Records (continued); John MacColl, Piper and Composer; Tracing Your Ancestors; Recent Acquisitions; Remembering Glen Creran; Study Visit to Tiree; Scottish Country Dancing.

Newsletter No. 7 1999. Contents include The Bothy; Being Churalain; The Lorn Galley; The Ringing Stone; Garbh Eilach; The Observation Post.

Newsletter No. 6 1998. Contents include The Glen, 1962; Reading Rooms; Ardsheal: The House and Estate; Austin Sevens in Appin; What is a Croft?; Appin, Australia; Creagan Bridge; Register of Electors 1931/1932; 50 Years Ago.....; And this Year.....; And Next Year......

Newsletter No. 5 1997. Contents include Rosebank in the 19th Century; Glen Creran Lead Mines; Unveiling of Memorial Tablet; The Well at North Shian; Rhugarbh Ferry; John of Culloden; The Bairns of Appin; Possible Derivations for Being Churalain; The Eventful Life of a Laird of Appin; Cave Exploring in Appin; Old highland Therapy.

Newsletter No. 4 1997. Contents include The Appin Banner; Making Records - Mary's Story; The Stewarts of Appin Family Tree; Non-surrender of Arms; The Final Tragedy of Shuna; Annat Graveyard; Smile Please!; Strath of Appin School Board; Extract: Appin School Register; Canon Hugh MacColl of Fort William; Day Trip to Glensanda; Parish Register 1918.

Newsletter No. 3 1997. Contents include Local Gaelic Place Names; Kilmoluag; Forestry: Past, Present and Future; Collection of Appin Dance Tunes; The Free Church in Appin; Henny's Story; Stewartsville Graveyard; Stepping Back in Time; Extract from the School Register; Following a Stay in Appin; Entries Relating to Campbells and Stewarts.

Newsletter No. 2 1996. Contents include Map of Appin, marking places of Interest; A Brief History of Appin's Past; The Red Book of Appin; History of Suffrage in Appin; Electoral Register; Photocard to MacFies of Airds; Ballachulish to Oban in 1848; Unloading the Mails in Appin; Evening Excursion to Ballachulish; Map of Glen Creran; Glen Creran in the 20s and 30s; Glen Creran, History and Features; Culloden; Appin Casualty List at Culloden; Return of the MacColls 1996; A Short History of Castle Stalker; A Brief Guide to Castle Stalker; 25 Generations of a Glencoe Family; Appin Badminton Club.

Newsletter No. 1 April 1996. Contents include The history of Appin Historical Society; AHS Commemorates Culloden; The Clan Stewart in Appin; Sunday 13th August 1995 - Sunny with Showers; The Old Post Office, Fasnacloich; Out of the Past; Appin in 2000 - as seen in 1909; History of Myrtle Bank and Thyme Bank, Portnacroish; Rock Cottage, Port Appin; Druimneil House and Gardens; Visit to Inniemhor; Treasures of the Deep; Jurassic Appin; Day Trip to Lismore; Observations in the Parish; The Ringing Stone; Argyll Motors Ltd.



by Michael Starforth

£5.00 + p/p

"This is the story of Clan Stewart of Appin from its foundation in 1463,

 after the murder of John Stewart, Lord of Lorn, through battles such as Stalc, Inverlochy,                                       Killiecrankie and Prestonpans, to the fatal field of Culloden.                                                                                           It is a story of pain, loyalty and courage...…"

The July 2021 revised "Appin and District   A Visitor Guide including the island of Lismore" is now available. With updated walks, Appin and Duror history, it can be purchased from us at £5 plus p/p. Please email us for postage rates.

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